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Concrete Culvert Put In Place

The concrete culvert is now in position on Fisher Road in Berlin near Central Vermont Medical Center. Photo by Carla Occaso
The long-anticipated new concrete culvert has been positioned across Fisher Road in Berlin. This is good news for those who need quick access to the Central Vermont Medical Center from Paine Turnpike North, which is also the top of Berlin Street when entering from Montpelier. However, there is still much work to be done.

The old metal culvert failed after heavy rains Sept. 29, 2020, completely blocking passage on the section of road between the intersection of Paine Turnpike and Fisher Road and the entrances to the Army National Guard facility and the psychiatric hospital as well as the Berlin Mall and the Central Vermont Medical Center. Vincent Conti, Berlin’s town administrator, sounded cautiously optimistic in August. The board unanimously authorized Conti to sign the notice of award of $839,900 to Dubois Construction to complete the work. Berlin citizens had previously voted to allow the selectboard to borrow up to $1.4 million for the repair.

A crew from Dubois Construction has been making daily advances in placing the new concrete culvert under Fisher Road. The failed metal culvert was removed well before that. 

The concrete culvert appears to be in position on Fisher Road in Berlin as of Nov. 12. Photo by Carla Occaso