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Police Seek Information Regarding Gunshots


Police are seeking information about the whereabouts of a Washington man who allegedly fired shots near the home of his girlfriend on Oct. 21. Vermont State Police Sgt. Stackhouse issued a report that at around 4:30 on Thursday, a caller reported shots fired, and a man holding a shotgun walking away from a residence on Route 110 before ducking into the woods. Vermont State troopers responded to the area and were aided by Barre Town and Barre City police departments. However, the man was not located.

At the time of the report, it was unknown if the unnamed woman in the home was harmed. But upon arrival, troopers made contact with her and learned she was not harmed. She told police her boyfriend, Anthony Goddard, 31, was intoxicated and discharged his shotgun into the ground in their driveway, feet away from Route 110. 

Evidence collected at the scene verified the woman’s statement. She also told law enforcement that Goddard did not threaten anyone at the residence or make any comments of self-harm.

Stackhouse’s police report states units patrolled the area and were not able to find Goddard. It was reported he may have gotten into a black truck with unknown plates. Troopers will continue to attempt to make contact with Goddard. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Vermont State Police at Middlesex.  The phone number for the Middlesex barracks is 802-229-9191.

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