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Bethany Church Launches Art and Spirituality Program


The Bethany Church has started the Bethany Center for Spirituality Through the Arts. Beginning soon, the program will offer opportunities for people to explore their own sense of spirituality through a variety of artistic experiences, from meditation, to art, to community events such as concerts and dances. 

The philosophy behind Bethany Center for Spirituality Through the Arts begins with the understanding that people are made up of three components — mind, body, and spirit. While there are many ways to explore and nurture minds and bodies, there are fewer places where the spirit can be nurtured outside a specific religious setting. Aware that religious practice is not for everyone, the new endeavor will offer ways to explore spiritual development through painting, photography, dance, music, meditation, movement, cooking, theater, and more, as well as the opportunity to build a spiritual community.

The first offering will be the first of a monthly concert series called The Green Mountain Jamboree. Taking place on the second Saturday of each month, this event will showcase popular musicians in a relaxed atmosphere. The series will begin on Oct. 9 and feature beloved Vermont singer/songwriter Jon Gailmor. Also in the works are plans for a weekly Friday night dance with a live band, The Early Birds, featuring Mark LeGrand and Sarah Munro, from 6 to 8 p.m. A variety of classes are being developed, which may include dance, labyrinth walking, painting, tai chi, and yoga. 

Although Bethany Church is a Christian church, the Christian faith will not be the focus of the Bethany Center for Spirituality Through the Arts. Rather, classes and community events will begin with two core spiritual beliefs. The first is the inherent worth of each individual as a spiritual being. The second is that there are spiritual connections, based particularly in love, that bind us together as a human community in a shared and diverse world. These beliefs are central to the majority of spiritual practices, and from this foundation, participants can explore different ways to develop their own spiritual awareness and practices. 

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For more information, access www.bethanychurchvt.org or contact Mark LeGrand, program director, for more information at 802-223-2424. Contact Bethany Center for Spirituality Through the Arts at BethanyCSA21@gmail.com .