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New Delicatessen & Bakery Coming to State Street

Yellow Mustard Delicatessen & Bakery coming soon to State Street in Montpelier. Photo by Carla Occaso.
Montpelier residents are about to be blessed with yet another new eatery. If you’ve walked down State Street lately, you may have noticed a new, cheerful-looking storefront. It has a splashy yellow design, which reads “Yellow Mustard Delicatessen & Bakery.”

Proprietor Jeffrey Stoudt, owner of the popular Buddy’s Famous on Barre Street, was too busy cooking to talk to The Bridge Aug. 17, but he sounded happy about the venture. “It is going to be awesome,” he said, noting that details such as when it will open and what exactly will be on the menu have yet to be nailed down. “This is my third restaurant I put together,” he said. Stoudt had previously owned and operated Park Row Cafe in Waterbury before opening up Buddy’s in 2017, according to a newspaper report.

Yellow Mustard will join the recently opened Enna, and recently moved Bohemian Bakery in adding to the lively State Street foodie phantasmagoria, which is Montpelier lately.