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Letters to the Editor, 9.1.21


Thank you, Montpelier Police & Fire Departments and VSP HazMat


On behalf of Union Mutual Insurance Company, I would like to thank the Montpelier Police Department, Montpelier Fire Department, and the Vermont State Police HazMat team for their prompt and professional response to an incident at our office on Aug. 26. The incident turned out to be a false alarm, but our employees greatly appreciated the kind, cautious, and thorough treatment that we received from these professionals. Our company cares deeply about this Central Vermont community, and we appreciate being cared for in return!

With gratitude,

Sarah Jarvis, vice president and general counsel, Union Mutual Insurance Company, Montpelier

Questioning the Presidency


Remind me again, why is it that we need a president (rhetorically posed)? Leadership? Heck, we were virtually without meaningful leadership for four years prior to President Biden taking office. 

Without painstakingly going into exacting detail about why as well as the list of potential benefits of doing so, one wonders about whether it could be that, if we did away with the office of the presidency, we could manage fine without it and certainly not risk having either the same or  some other megalomaniac potentially assume the office yet again?

It is just a thought, although in my opinion, one worthy of serious consideration as well as healthy debate.

By the way, if I recall correctly, sometime back in either the mid to late eighties during a conversation about politics with my father, he proposed a parliamentary style of government at the national level much as it is practiced elsewhere rather than maintaining the current office of the presidency (my father was an Independent, however with strong conservative as well as Republican leanings).

Morgan W. Brown, Montpelier