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Book Review for Kids: ‘Marcus Makes a Movie’

In “Marcus Makes a Movie,” a kid named Marcus decides he has to make a movie based on the comic he’s been writing in installments for years. Between writing a screenplay to actually filming, he discovers it may be harder than he thought. With the help of his friends and a few enemies, Marcus will (at least try to) make a

This book is good for readers 10+ years old because although it is a very silly book, I don’t think it would appeal much to most 0–9 year olds. 

I like this book because it is very educational about the writing, problems, shooting, progress, reshooting, screening, REshooting, VFX, and the budget that you need to keep an eye on when making a movie. It also may inspire the next generation of directors. In my opinion there still aren’t enough books (fiction or nonfiction) about movie making. 

This book also deals with some serious topics incorporated into the silly plot. One thing I did not like about this book is it uses the dead mom trope. If you go to any library and pick a random novel, chances are 50/50 the main character’s mom is dead. 

Well, now you know the basic plot of “Marcus Makes a Movie.” I hope you enjoy it, if you read it, of course. 

“Marcus Makes a Movie,” by Kevin Hart and Geof Rodkey, and illustrated by David Cooper, is published by Crown Books for Young Readers.