Home Commentary Heard on the Street, 7.21.21

Heard on the Street, 7.21.21


More Choices for Foodies?

First of all, we got word plans are going forward on installing a standalone Starbucks up on the Berlin Mall property (along with another new housing complex). The drawings of the plan show that a driveway will surround it, which means, maybe, a drive-through will be available for locals as well as people coming and going off I-89’s Exit 7. The coffee store will be located across from the new Chestnut Hill senior housing complex. The structure is being developed by Heidenberg Properties.

Second, we heard another new restaurant is opening on State Street in Montpelier. That is all. More information to come soon, hopefully.

Trash Tramps Hit the Streets Again

The heroic Trash Tramps have been back on the streets of Montpelier and will welcome new members to the team. Despite the Tramps’ efforts to clean the sidewalks and curbs of litter and cigarette butts, grumbling is still heard around town about the city’s often overflowing downtown trash and recycling bins — which are the responsibility of a contractor hired by the city, not the Tramps.

Mall Walk Raises Money to Help the Homeless 

Good Samaritan Haven Executive Director Rick DeAngelis reports his group, partnering with the Berlin Mall, raised $4,746. This was done as part of the 2021 Winter Walk and involved over 100 walkers walking 9,211 miles. “Considering the pandemic and that most of the walkers are elderly, and therefore more vulnerable, I am over the moon about raising $4,746,” said Mall manager, Kay Nuissl. “The walkers are a spirited bunch! Seeing and hearing them every day and/or week brings a lot of cheer and a sense of purpose to what otherwise can be drab winter months.” There were 17 walkers who finished the trail — all 216 miles of our Route 100 backdrop. Participants received an award certificate and a mini jug of maple syrup, and their place in the Winter Walk hall of fame. The Winter Walk starts every year on Martin Luther King weekend and closes the weekend after Earth Day. Good Samaritan Haven is also acquiring the Twin City Motel and hopes to open prior to winter.  Together with other planned housing options in Montpelier, Barre City, and Barre Town, Good Samaritan Haven hopes to serve 80 guests nightly, significantly more than prior to COVID-19. 

Downtown Visitor Center Reopens

The Capital Region Visitor Center on State Street in Montpelier has reopened. It is a good resource for tourists and locals for finding places to go and things to do. It is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It has information on maple sugarhouses, cheesemakers, breweries, wineries, farmers’ markets, skiing, golfing, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, bicycling, music, theater, museums, galleries, antiquing, lodging, dining, bookstores and shopping. The address is 134 State Street in Montpelier and can be reached at 802-828-5981.