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Happy 90th Birthday, WDEV

Lifelong radio personality Ken Squier, center, celebrates the 90th birthday of Waterbury's radio station WDEV. Photo by John Lazenby.
Local radio and motorsports legend Ken Squier was the star of the show at radio station WDEV’s 90th birthday celebration in the middle of Stowe Street in Waterbury,  Saturday, July 17. WDEV signed on the air on July 16, 1931. Squier’s father, Lloyd Squier, bought the station in 1935, the year Squier was born. Among the celebrities at the festivities were Brian Harwood, Farmer Dave, and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, in the crowd with her brother David and family. Photos by John Lazenby.

Amy Goodman, left, with camera/phone, David Goodman, Sue Minter and others celebrate WDEV’s 90th birthday in Waterbury July 17. Photo by John Lazenby.
Here’s to 90 more years, WDEV