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Bohemian Bakery “Coming In” to State and Main

Bohemian Bakery is moving in to the storefront on State and Main in Montpelier recently vacated by Blue Stone Pizza. Photo by Carla Occaso.
The window signs are up, which tells everyone in town a popular local bakery and coffee concern is setting up shop in the center of downtown Montpelier. Bohemian Bakery will be moving to the intersection of State and Main streets from its previous location at 78 Barre Street. Both spots have ‘Bohemian Bakery’ signs and both spots appear to be in the middle of a transition, with closed doors and the look of being in the middle of a move.

The old Bohemian Bakery location on Barre Street at the corner of Hubbard, looks abandoned, but it still bears the name of Bohemian Bakery. Photo by Carla Occaso.
The bakery will settle into the old Coffee Corner spot, most recently held by Blue Stone Pizza. It is just a question of “when?”. The Bridge went to the old location on Barre Street and the new location on State and Main hoping to find out a little more. However, the women on site were not willing to give information. 

“We’re not talking about it now,” said a woman standing inside the 83 Main Street storefront on June 23, and who confirmed her name was Annie. The Bohemian Bakery owners’ names are Annie Bakst and Robert Hunt, according to information on their website. And the website is where anyone will have to go if they want further details. The Bridge accidentally caught up to Annie again as she left out a side door and The Bridge was headed to her car. “We’re coming in,” Annie said. “Watch on Facebook and the website. We’ll let you know when we know.”

When it does happen, this will partly fill a big breakfast hole left by the combined departure of La Brioche, the Coffee Corner, and Down Home Kitchen restaurant, which were all clustered on or near the same intersection. Owner Annie Bakst on June 24 told The Bridge they will be serve coffee and baked goods. Not made to order “breakfast”.

A new bakery, coffee and breakfast joint here on State and Main in Montpelier will help fill a gap left by three departed breakfast spots on and near this intersection in the past few years. Photo by Carla Occaso
The Bohemian Bakery has an intriguing evolution, having started as a pop-up restaurant in Calais at the home of Bakst and Hunt. According to their website, Bohemianbakeryvt.com, the two met in San Francisco and then bought property north of Montpelier, where they started a bakery. At first they sold their loaves in co-ops but then began opening their doors to customers on Sundays to buy baked goods at their home. In 2017, they moved into a storefront on Barre Street, where people waited in line to purchase coffee and baked goods.

Chatter on Front Porch Forum, and in the streets, has it that local residents can’t wait for Bohemian Bakery to open its doors.