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Then and Now 4.7.21

The former YMCA on State Street. Photo courtesy of the Vermont Historical Society
Yes, Montpelier used to have a YMCA! It was located on State Street where the Northfield Savings Bank portion of the Capitol Plaza Hotel is now located. The building had a large gymnasium in the back that featured a popular basketball court and the Wood Art Gallery on the second floor. The gallery moved out in 1954. It is unclear when the YMCA left, but at the time the building was razed in 1963 it had stood vacant for many years. It was acquired by the Tavern Hotel for a parking lot, later to be filled by an addition to the hotel. Also, 1963 was the same year the old post office and railroad station were demolished and the supermarket on Main Street was constructed.

Northfield Savings Bank. Photo by Paul Carnahan.