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Then and Now 3.17.21

30 School Street in an 1893 Image. Courtesy of the Vermont Historical Society.
In 1886, when state’s attorney Harlan W. Kemp built a new house at 30 School Street, a newspaper called it “an ornament to the street.”  Kemp lived in his beautiful Second Empire home until his death in 1922. He had been a prominent citizen of the Capital City: a state representative, an officer of the Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company for 35 years, and the developer (with his partner A.J. Sibley) of a neighborhood off of College Street. In 1956 Kemp’s home became the T.J. Guare Funeral Home, a business that is still located there today.

The Guare & Sons Funeral Home at 30 School Street. Photo by Paul Carnahan