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Letters to the Editor 3.17.21


Need to Rethink Cost of Roxbury Students


As I read through the presentation of the proposed 2022 budget, I was concerned to see the cost per pupil to educate the 32 current students at Roxbury School was at least $10,000 higher than at any of the three Montpelier-based schools. Page 24 of your budget proposal details per pupil spending.  

Per-pupil cost at Roxbury School is $33,382.01, which is $11,456.27 higher than at Union Elementary School, $13,518.49 higher than at Main Street Middle School, and $10,223.87 higher than at Montpelier High School. While additional spending of $320,000 in one year is barely defensible, the thought of $1,000,000 over the next three years is really shocking.

I am writing to urge you to begin a community-wide conversation immediately about this challenge. We all support the best possible education for Vermont students — that’s a given. What ideas can we generate that would put $1 million to much better use?  

Let’s start talking about this now in order to maximize the value of our resources in continuing to offer a top-notch education for all our students.  

Jean Olson, Montpelier

Food for Seniors — Get The Word Out About FEAST


As a passionate volunteer driver for the FEAST Meals on Wheels program for over 25 years, I am concerned. There are too many older adults in our community who do not know they are eligible for FEAST’s delicious, nutritious, free-of-charge meal delivery service. The FEAST program is run by the Montpelier Senior Activity Center, which is getting ready to launch a delightfully diverse series of events for their “March for Meals” campaign. They are offering an enticing menu of ten diverse, affordable, and pandemic-safe offerings — nine online, one curbside — for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. With a selection including health and wellness presentations to film, music, and family performances as well as a delicious family curbside meal pickup, there is something for everyone, and all proceeds will go to support the development of the Center’s FEAST program, ensuring more older adults have access to healthy, nutritious meals. Check out the offerings here: http://www.montpelier-vt.org/marchformeals . FEAST’s Meals on Wheels program serves anyone over the age of 60 right here in Montpelier and northern Berlin who needs regular access to healthy, delicious food, nutrition, education, and social engagement. I contribute and volunteer for this program because I experience the impact myself. I know how much it means to older adults isolated at home, especially during the pandemic, to get a regular delivery of meals they don’t have to cook and don’t have to worry about paying for. Call FEAST to sign up: 262-6288 And the best part is sharing my heart and smile with each and every one of them! For more information please contact Sarah Lipton, FEAST Program Manager, Montpelier Senior Activity Center, 802-262-6288.

Kris Clark, Barre