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Then and Now 2.17.2021

The Shepard House, 1894. Photo Courtesy of the Vermont Historical Society
The yellow clapboard building at 28 School Street that houses Manghis’ Bread and Nu Leafe Beauty Studio was once located at 135 Main Street. Known as the Shepard House in 1894, it was moved around the corner to make room for the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. The building was built around 1820 by Samuel B. Prentiss, who became a justice of the Vermont Supreme Court (1825–30), U.S. Senator (1831–42), and federal judge (1842–1857). The building served as the library before the move and became a rooming house known as “The Kellogg” after the move.

28 School Street in Montpelier. Photo by Paul Carnahan