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Peg Tassey Releases Single from New Album

Peg and Audrey Tassey. Photo by Sage Horsey.
“Winter Comes” is a love letter to my family, to my mother Audrey and my daughter Audrey, and to all of us in the world longing to be with those we can’t be with, and to that feeling when the harsh Vermont winters are bearing down. It is also a call to loving “arms.”

“Winter Comes” was originally an a cappella, which I started recording with my collaborator, Jer Coons. He played piano. We then created a percussion track from sampling recordings I had made of the loons on the pond in my backyard, some frozen crunchy grass, and blue-jays. The calls of the loons remind me of the approach of winter. We then added drums, bass, organ, classical guitar. And then, the pandemic hit. It has now been a year working on it remotely. 

I asked three artists to create videos for the song, after giving them hundreds of my family photos, videos, and photos that I have shot of winters in Calais over the years and the instruction that I want the videos to “look like memories feel.” It has been really moving to see each of the artists’ perspectives. The video artists are my nephew Sam Tassey, Sage Horsey, and Jer Coons.

“Winter Comes” is the first release from my upcoming album “Queen of Flowers” to be released later this year. The single and three videos are available on all streaming platforms, on my website, pegtassey.com, and on my bandcamp: pegtassey.bandcamp.com.