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Public Arts Commission Announces New Microgrant Programs

Elliott Burg's photographs on the Onion River Outdoors building that was partially funded with MPAC funds. Courtesy photo.
The recently created Montpelier Public Arts Commission has announced the release of two new  microgrant programs that are available to Vermont-based artists. The award for the first of these  microgrants will be up to $1,500 for a short-term installation (0 to 5 years) anywhere within the  city with no limits on the medium, size, or style. The second microgrant, titled “Picture It Big,”  

will award $500 to artists for the right to enlarge a digital image (up to 20-feet by 10-feet) that can be  hung on a building for up to two years. Images for this second microgrant can be made by any method (photography, painting, digital program, etc.) and may be of any style but must fit within the theme of “We Are All In This Together.” The commission will be responsible for the printing and hanging of the images. 

The goal of these projects is to jump start the city’s inventory of art and enhance community  vitality, particularly in light of the struggles we have all faced in the past year. The commission  will review submissions and make selections based on the quality of art and the goal of filling the city with as much quality art as possible within its limited budget. As a result, the total number of awards and the amount of awards will be determined during the review process. Submissions must be received by March 12, and awards will be announced on April 9. All work must be  installed by June 15.  

For more information about the projects and to review the Request for Proposals, please visit the  MPAC webpage at https://www.montpelier-vt.org/1080/Public-Art-Commission. For additional  questions or to arrange an interview, please contact Rob Hitzig at montpelierartsvt@gmail.com or (802) 279-6178.