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Nature Watch, 1.20.21

Steadily, predictably, unlike the affairs of humans, winter nights with their cold clear skies, shorten.  Neighbor and friend Rob Halpert has been watching this progress and has this to say:  

“My new nightly ritual — sitting outside by a fire and losing myself in the night sky — brings comfort and certainty, even as life on Earth grows more fragile and unmoored. Each night Mars will rise high into the southern sky; Orion appears in the east, lying on his side, keeping a close watch on Rigel and Betelgeuse; Vega shines in the west. And later, Sirius, the brightest of all the stars we can see, will make a shimmering, showy entrance over the arbor in our yard. Fire and sky: the ancients were on to something with this ritual that I repeat a million years later. The stars, in their constancy reassure us that, somehow, things will be okay.”