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Montpelier Clerk Leads Effort to Condemn Title Insurance Lawsuit


An open letter containing signatures from more than 200 municipal clerks, treasurers, and other municipal officials was sent from the Montpelier City Clerk’s office to the offices of the Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company in South Burlington and Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

The letter – with signatories from municipal offices in Vermont, New York State, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maine – calls out the plaintiffs’ lawsuit that intends to compel Vermont municipal clerks’ offices and town halls to immediately return to pre-pandemic open office hours in direct defiance of the Vermont Governor’s call for limiting in person services.

Read the letter here.

The lawsuit, if successful, could ultimately impact all municipal hours even after the COVID crisis as well as potentially invalidating the Governor’s executive orders regarding COVID and public access to all government facilities.

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Montpelier City Clerk John Odum condemned the lawsuit as “shameful and reckless,” adding “this lawsuit doesn’t just show total disregard for the health and safety of municipal employees, but for the health and safety of their communities themselves. Unfettered access with no regard for this pandemic could cause new community clusters to form.”

“At a time when we all need to pull together – regular citizens and business citizens alike – the plaintiffs are indicating indifference to the health, even of their Vermont customers.”