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Montpelier Alive Announces Community Art Project

Photo courtesy of Montpelier Alive.

MONTPELIER — Montpelier Alive today issued a call for participation in a new community art project: The Tumbling Blocks Community Quilt. Montpelier Alive is launching a new public art project to “stitch” together our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals are invited to create artistic masterpieces on a template provided by Montpelier Alive. The individual submissions will be glued onto panels to come together into a community “quilt” that will be displayed outside the Montpelier Transit Center. 

Local artist Sabrina Fadial collaborated with the Montpelier Alive Design Committee to envision the project and will collate the submissions and create the finished “quilt.” Fadial is a fine artist and educator whose work has been displayed across the country. The work will be installed in March, and a public unveiling will be announced. Individuals can learn more about how to participate and download the template at www.montpelieralive.org/quilt

Fadial said of the project, “A quilt is a covering, it makes one feel at home, safe. Our charge for most of the year has been to stay safe as individuals and stay home for the strength and health of the community at large. In creating this project, we will bring together the community while staying safe. We will wrap a blanket around the community.” 

“Our mission is to celebrate Montpelier, and what better way to celebrate than by bringing together the community to create a work that will add to the beauty of our downtown,” said Montpelier Alive Executive Director Dan Groberg. 

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The Tumbling Blocks Community Quilt Project is generously supported by the AARP. Additional funding is provided through the Montpelier Downtown Improvement District. 

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