Home Commentary Heard on the Street 11.18.20

Heard on the Street 11.18.20


Keller Releases CD to Raise Funds for Racial Justice

Dave Keller will release a new CD Nov. 20. The “two-time blues music award nominee” will release “You Get What You Give,” a new CD of duets as a fundraiser for racial justice and equity. Also on the CD are Trudy Lynn, Joe Louis Walker, Annika Chambers, Johnny Rawls, Annie Mack, Dawn Tyler Watson, Brother Bob White, Carly Harvey, Toussaint St. Negritude, Katie Henry, and Chad Hollister, among others, who donated their talents. For more information contact Karin@markpuccimedia.com. Or check out www.davekeller.com

“We’ve already raised over $2,000.00 from pre-orders, all of which will go directly to groups working for racial justice and equity,” says Keller, who also produced the album. “So far, the list of groups includes the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Know Your Rights Camp, N’COBRA, and Jus’ Blues Foundation.

Central Vermont Runners Enjoy Virtual Fallen Leaves Series

Central Vermont Runners’ Club Fallen Leaves 5K races have been a local favorite in November for more than a decade. After a successful summer of virtual races — which means that racers run the course individually, time themselves, and post their results electronically — setting up a virtual Fallen Leaves series has gone smoothly. The first of the three Saturday events was run at the participants’ discretion November 1–7. The second event was run November 8–14. And the final in the series will be open November 15–21. CVR website: cvrunners.org.

Dreams Becoming Reality

One night in October, Calais resident Rick Winston says he had a dream that featured five bears, an unusual type of dream for him. The next afternoon — on a beautiful fall day — he and his wife Andrea Serota spotted five bears frolicking behind their house. After he posted photos of the bears along with his dream story on his Facebook page, friends began asking if he had had any dreams about the upcoming election, but Winston reported he had no foreknowledge of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Winston and Serota owned and operated the Savoy Theater in Montpelier for many years.