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Karen Kevra of Capital City Concerts Launches Podcast

Karen Kevra, Capital City Concerts’ artistic director, has launched a new podcast called “Muse Mentors,” which is hosted online at Listennotes.com. It debuted September 30. 

“It is funny,” Kevra told The Bridge.  “This pandemic is forcing us to reinvent ourselves. I am going bonkers not performing. The thing that has been lovely about this podcast is reconnecting with old friends and others. I am going beyond musicians.”

Here is a description provided by Capital City Concerts:  “Karen Kevra’s life was changed over two decades ago when she met her mentor Louis Moyse. Out of that relationship grew countless performances, a Grammy-nomination, and a thriving classical music concert series in the capital of Vermont, where friends and neighbors gather to hear extraordinary musicians with impressive bios. What those bios don’t reveal are the personal stories of deep connection between student and mentor. With a spirit of camaraderie, Karen invites her guests to recount how a mentor’s approach to the arts spills over into life at large.”

Kevra said creating the new podcast makes her feel as if her world is opening up by reconnecting in this way. 

Nancy Reid, president of Capital City Concerts, said the organization wants to thank the series’ audience and business supporters and to keep listeners engaged by the podcast. “We are both excited about this and think it will bring a unique and personal angle to our listeners,” Reid wrote in an email.

Guests scheduled to be on the podcast include soprano Hyunah Yu, pianists Jeffrey Chappell and Paul Orgel, violinist Nick Kitchen, and Laurie Smukler, flutist Paula Robison, and other artists including Circus Smirkus founder Rob Mermin and the remarkable young illustrator Armando Veve. 

Capital City Concerts was founded in 2000 by flutist Karen Kevra, who was nominated for a Grammy award in 2003.

Check out the podcast at musementors.com.