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Ballot Drop Box in Place at City Hall

A new dropbox for general election ballots has been set up behind Montpelier City Hall. Photo by J. Gregory Gerdel

Completed ballots are already arriving at Montpelier City Hall after the vast majority were mailed to registered voters last week. The completed ballots are arriving in the mail, although some are being deposited in the newly installed ballot deposit box behind City Hall, according to City Clerk John Odum.

The drop box is located along the handicapped access ramp near the back door to City Hall.

Montpelier’s checklist, with nearly 6,000 registered voters, reflects a growing number of registrations. “Any year we have a presidential contest,” Odum says, “we see an increase in registrations. This year is particularly strong.”

Additional ballots are still being mailed as new registrations arrive and address corrections are made at City Hall. “The checklist is inevitably a bit bloated because the removal process is cumbersome when a person has died or moved away without submitting a change of address,” Odum said.

With unfounded claims about ballot fraud at the national level, Odum said he expected more calls and concerns about fraud than he has received. The calls he is receiving are from voters wanting to be certain they are filling out and submitting the ballot correctly.

He does recommend not using a Sharpie, or permanent marker, which will tend to bleed through the paper ballot. But if such ballots do arrive, a process is in place to manually make a duplicate while maintaining the voter’s anonymity, he explains. If a voter is concerned his or her ballot is spoiled, a fresh ballot can be obtained by bringing the spoiled ballot to the City Clerk’s office in City Hall.

Residents can register to vote in Vermont anytime up to and including election day. Polls will be open on Tuesday, November 3, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Questions or concerns about voting can be directed to the City Clerk’s office: 223-9500. Election information is also online: Montpelier-vt.org/250/Elections