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Rabble-Rouser Founder Injured in Crash While Riding E-Bike

Rabble-Rouser on Maine Street in Montpelier.
Jaquelyn Rieke, one of the founders of the employee-owned Rabble-Rouser Chocolate and Craft Co. in Montpelier, is recovering from injuries suffered in an accident Tuesday, September 8, on Route 2 in East Montpelier.

According to a report from the Vermont State Police, Rieke was riding her Specialized electric-assisted bicycle east on Route 2 when she struck the passenger side fender and tire of a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck. The truck, operated by Robert Boisvert of Graniteville, was turning left onto Packard Road in front of Rieke.

Boisvert told police that he thought he had time to complete the turn ahead of Rieke’s bike but misjudged the speed of the electric bike. Rieke told Trooper Casey Ross that she was traveling at 21 mph and had glanced down for a moment and when she looked up the trailer was right in front of her.

Rieke was taken to Central Vermont Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries and released.

Co-workers at Rabble-Rouser said she was “sore and stiff” but otherwise was recovering at home.

State Police issued this reminder for drivers about the increasing use of E-bikes:

“The Vermont State Police would like you remind motorists to use caution when approaching, and turning in front of bicycles. Bicycles powered by electric motors, commonly referred to as “E-Bikes,” are able to move more quickly than traditional bicycles and are becoming increasingly popular, thus motorists are urged to use more caution. Similarly, users of this new mode of transportation are advised to use caution when operating in traffic, as motorists may not be aware of the speed at which they are travelling.”