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Playing Under the Portico

Susan Reid, left, Tom Taska, and Betsy Painter play music under the portico in Montpelier by Ridge Street. Photo by Carla Occaso

I was leaving work yesterday (September 4, 2020) and I see behind me two women carrying instrument cases and folding chairs. They start setting up right in front of the door under the portico I just exited. This is usually a place where you seldom see other people. Once they sat down and began taking their violins out of the cases, I approached and introduced myself. “I am the editor of The Bridge,” I told them, and asked to photograph them. Not long after, a man came along with a stool and an instrument case. “You won’t guess what that is,” she said. “An accordian?” I said. Sure enough. They tuned up, and started to play. First I photographed them, and then it hit me to videotape it! Susan Reid, Tom Taska, and Betsy Painter.

  • Carla Occaso, editor, The Bridge