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Heard on the Street: September 16


Barre Street Rail Crossing Progresses

Barre Street was closed August 20 between the Barr Hill Distillery entrance and S&R Services as installation of a new rail crossing continued. The work should be completed by Friday at the latest, said Kurt Motyka, deputy director of the Montpelier Department of Public Works.

While the project will still require some disruption of traffic during repaving and the installation of crossing signals, Motyka expects that complete closure to through traffic will not be necessary after this week. “Those operations should be manageable with one-way traffic,” he said.

The Vermont Rail Systems project was originally scheduled to be completed during June, but a shortage of wooden rail ties delayed construction. The resurrection of the rail right-of-way was planned to accommodate shipment of granite from quarries in Barre Town, because the cost of repairing two bridges on the current rail line was prohibitive, VRS officials explained in May.

Occupancy Counting at Hunger Mountain Co-op Goes Electronic

Hunter Mountain Co-op has gotten a Sensource electronic counter system. COVID-19 guidelines restrict the number of customers in the Hunger Mountain Co-op to a maximum of 40 at any given time. At busy times, keeping track of the number of patrons entering and exiting the popular store can be daunting for the staff gatekeepers, who are also sanitizing returned shopping carts before use by arriving customers.

Marjorie (Marj) Power Passes Away

Marjorie (Marj) Power died Saturday, July 25, at the McClure Miller Hospice facility in Burlington of acute myeloid leukemia, a rare cancer of the bone marrow. She was involved in many organizations and activities in the area, including being a supporter of the Old Socialist Labor Party Hall and a mayoral candidate in Montpelier. She was an active member of the Montpelier Grange, where she was an avid contra-dancer. She also was a member and organizer of a local time bank, The Onion River Exchange; a past president of the Older Women’s League; and a volunteer reader and member of the Montpelier Senior Activity Center.