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Another Way Hires Homeless Advocate Ken Russell as Executive Director


After an extensive search, Another Way, a local community center with a storied past, has chosen local homelessness advocate Ken Russell as its new Executive Director. Russell brings experience in working for the rights of unhoused individuals for the Montpelier Homelessness Task Force and for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. He also brings training in conflict resolution and leadership.

Another Way, a drop-in center with a history rooted in the psychiatric survivors’ movement serves a diverse population including those seeking an alternative to the conventional mental health system and homeless individuals. It values non-hierarchical relationships, mutual aid, and peer-to-peer connections and support. Its Friday meeting and meal has been a long-standing tradition in Montpelier.

In taking on the position, Russell hopes to honor the storied history of the organization while also helping it adapt to the current needs. “The Another Way community includes folks from different backgrounds. Both folks seeking refuge from mental health institutions and folks without homes. Finding the right balance in meeting the needs is an ongoing challenge for the community. But it’s a vibrant community with a great deal of heart and vitality, so we’re confident that we can grow with the times and thrive,” said Russell.

Amos Meacham, Board Chair of Another Way, expressed optimism at the path forward, “Another Way is very excited to have Ken on board to lead us into the future. He is very respected in the community by folks from all walks of life. Ken’s skills in leadership and homelessness advocacy will serve the organization well.”

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Russell will begin work in September and looks forward to connecting with the Another Way community and its partners in sister organizations. “We serve a crucial role in the support of folks who need it most. Winter is coming, we have the virus to deal with, so I am eager to roll up my sleeves and get to work.”