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Letter: Support Ashe

To the Editor:  

I am writing to state my strong support for Tim Ashe in the Democratic Primary for Lieutenant Governor.  

Tim and I began working together when I was chair of House Ways and Means and he was appointed to chair the Senate Finance Committee. He and I knew we had to find ways to work together, which turned out to be surprisingly easy and productive.  Tim works incredibly hard, he thinks creatively and he’s not afraid to take risks in order to advance issues he cares about.  
In just a short time, our working relationship turned into a friendship — something of real value in politics.  

As I think about the challenges that face us over the next two years, I am grateful that someone of Tim’s experience and vision is running for a leadership position.  He provided steady guidance in the early weeks of the pandemic and has always worked on issues of importance to Vermonters — to name just a few: New Americans, Vermont workers (especially those workers on the front lines of the pandemic), homeownership especially for young home buyers, racial justice, mental health, paid leave, broadband access, preK-12 education and higher education, and climate change.  

In fact, I can’t think of an issue I care about that Tim hasn’t worked on and made a difference.  
We need strong and experienced leadership now more than ever.  Please consider voting for Tim Ashe for Lieutenant Governor.  
–Rep. Janet AncelWashington – 6