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Three Penny Taproom To Open Parklet Soon

Image of brick building with storefronts.
The Three Penny Taproom. Photo by Carla Occaso
The Three Penny Taproom is set to open a parklet in front of the restaurant and bar where customers can drink and eat outside. This is scheduled to happen next week, the week of July 20.

Wes Hamilton, part owner of the Taproom, said the parklet – which will cover two parking spaces – will likely hold 16 to 18 people sitting at tables at least six feet apart. Wait staff will serve the customers sitting at the parklet.

“We’ve always contemplated building a parklet to put in front, but now it is especially beneficial to be outside,” Hamiltion said. “”We hope people will feel comfortable with it.”

Three Penny has two inside rooms, a barroom and a sit-down area where customers were served lunch and dinner (and sometimes breakfast). State emergency pandemic rules do not allow barstools yet, so the barroom remains closed, though the restaurant has been offering curbside food takeout for some several weeks.

A recent change in state rules allowing 50% capacity in restaurants has allowed Three Penny to open up its seated section for dining and/or drinking. Tables are separated by six feet or more and the front and back doors are propped open for better airflow.

Hamilton said he wants to get the word out that customers can come in now and sit on the restaurant side and only have a beer, cider or other alcoholic drink, without ordering food. Three Penny will continue to offer curbside takeout, allowing people to get food without going inside if they wish, he said.

The city of Montpelier approved the new parklet in a process Hamilton said was “very easy,” adding: “We are definitely appreciative of the city understanding our needs.”

The Taproom is currently open for indoor sit-down service Wednesday and Thursday from 3 pm to 8 pm (closing at 9 pm on Friday and Saturday).  With the parklet, “we are hoping for more demand so we can increase the days or the hours we are open,” Hamiltion said. “It depends on business.”

Three Penny Taprooom opened 11 years ago and quickly gained fame for its extensive beer offerings, including many local craft beers. Hamilton co-owns the restaurant/bar with Scott Kerner and Kevin Kerner.