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Heard on the Street – Parking Meter Fees to Restart, Boil Water Notice

Montpelier has issued a boil water notice. Photo by Carla Occaso.
Parking Meter Fees to be Reinstituted August 1

We’ve gotten used to not paying for parking since March. Thank you, Montpelier! But come August, it’s time to get out the quarters again (or debit card for the smart meters). From the last City Manager’s report “We will likely restart meter-regulated parking on or around August 1.  This would come with an early re-education period, waived fees for parklets, and, potentially, free or reduced price parking in lots. We are also thinking about having more 15 minute spaces to accommodate take out and curbside.” All good things must come to an end.

Boil Water Notice for Montpelier

As a result of concurrent water leaks on Sherwood Drive and on Liberty Street, the City of Montpelier has issued a boil water notice for the following areas:

• Customers between 103 and 174 Sherwood Drive.

• Customers along U.S. Rt. 302 East of Sherwood Drive.

• Liberty Street between College Street and Hubbard Street.

• Customers on Marvin Street, Fuller Street. and Bingham Street.

The Liberty Street leak repair is nearly complete. The city expects to have Sherwood Drive repaired and water restored at the end of the today. A notice will be posted on the City of Montpelier website https://www.montpelier-vt.org/946/Water-Notices once the sample water-quality results are received and city officials confirm there is no contamination in the drinking water system. They anticipate this will happen early next week.