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Get Out and Vote!

August 11 is the primary election day. Contact your city or town clerk for information on early voting. Early voting runs from June 27 through August 10 by absentee ballot. Voter registration deadline is Friday, August 7.

Qualified candidates for local county-wide and legislative positions from the secretary of state’s website by name, party, town:

Washington County Senate Candidates

Ken Alger (R), Barre Town
Ann Cummings (D), Montpelier
Theo Kennedy (D), Middlesex
Andrew Perchlik (D), Montpelier
Anthony Pollina (D), Middlesex
Dawnmarie Tomasi (R), Barre Town
Dwayne Tucker (R), Barre Town
Brent Young (R), Barre Town

Washington County Representatives

Washington 1
Gordon Bock (D), Northfield
Anne Donahue (R), Northfield
Kenneth Goslant (R), Northfield
Robert “Rob” Lehmert (D), Berlin
Denise MacMartin (D), Northfield

Washington 2
Rob LaClair (R) Barre Town
Francis “Topper” McFaun, (R), Barre Town

Washington 3
Peter D. Anthony (D), Barre City
Karen Lauzon (R), Barre City
John Steinman (R), Barre City
Tommy Walz (D), Barre City

Washington 4
Mary Hooper (D), Montpelier
Warren Kitzmiller (D), Montpelier
Glennie Fitzgerald Sewell (P), Montpelier

Washington 5
Kimberly Jessup (D), Middlesex

Washington 6
Janet Ancel (D), Middlesex

Washington 7
Kari Dolan (D), Waitsfield
Maxine Grad (D), Moretown

Brock Coderre (R), Waterbury
Thomas Stevens (D), Waterbury
Theresa Wood (D), Waterbury

Other candidates for statewide positions:

Representative to U.S. Congress:
Miriam Berry (R), Essex
Chris Brimmer (P), Ryegate
Ralph “Carcajou” Corbo (D), Wallingford
Cris Ericson (P), Chester
Jimmy Rodriguez (R), Montpelier
Justin Tuthill (R), Pomfret
Anya Tynio (R), Charleston
Peter Welch (D), Norwich

Douglas Cavett (R), Milton
Ralph “Carcajou” Corbo (D), Wallingford
Cris Ericson (P), Chester
Rebecca Holcombe (D), Norwich
John Klar (R), Brookfield
Bernard Peters (R), Irasburg
Emily Peyton (R), Putney
Phil Scott (R), Berlin
Boots Wardinski (P), Newbury
Patrick Winburn (D), Bennington
David Zuckerman (D), Hinesburg

Lieutenant Governor
Tim Ashe (D), Burlington
Dana Colson, Jr. (R), Sharon
Cris Ericson (P), Chester
Molly Gray (D), Burlington
Meg Hansen (R), Manchester
Jim Hogue (R), Calais
Debbie Ingram (D), Williston
Scott Milne (R), Pomfret
Dwayne Tucker (R), Barre Town
Brenda Siegel (D), Newfane

State Treasurer
Carolyn Whitney Branagan, (R), Georgia
Cris Ericson (P), Chester
Beth Pearce (D), Barre City

Secretary of State
Jim Condos (D), Montpelier
Cris Ericson (P), Chester
H. Brooke Paige (R), Washington

Auditor of Accounts
Cris Ericson (P), Chester
Doug Hoffer (D), Burlington
Linda Joy Sullivan (D), Dorset

Attorney General
T.J. Donovan (D), South Burlington
Cris Ericson (P), Chester
H. Brooke Paige (R), Washington
Emily Peyton (R), Putney