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Trash Tramps are Back on the Streets

The pandemic shutdown brought the only disruption to a Tuesday routine that has emerged from the Montpelier Senior Activity Center for nearly six years. The Trash Tramps, who have been cleaning the city’s sidewalks and gutters of cigarette butts and litter, were back on the street, Tuesday, June 9.

“We pick up a lot of litter—people are so appreciative. People honk and wave when we’re out there,” said Anne Ferguson, who is a regular on the weekly rounds. On average, about seven or eight Tramps make the rounds; occasionally as many as a dozen participate.

Another effort to keep both wildlife and waterways safe from the hazards and pollution of discarded cigarette filters has been the installation of many Sidewalk Buttlers throughout the downtown. “Buttlers need to be used more. People don’t really see them,” Ferguson added.

Treasure Hunt question of the week: How many Sidewalk Buttlers can you find in Montpelier? Photo by J. Gregory Gerdel.
To enhance the visibility of these cigarette butt deposit boxes, Central Vermont New Directions recently coordinated the creation and installation of attractive decals.