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Police Log: June 1-7


Man Waving an Axe, Fights Behind the State House, Protests, and More

Compiled from Montpelier Police Department’s Media Log, June 1 to June 7. Items chosen for this column are edited to shorten or clarify, but stick as closely to original wording as possible.

June 7

Someone reported illegal dumping at the Dog River Road commuter parking lot. A bag of trash was found at the commuter lot on Dog River Road. It contained cans and bottles.

Police were dispatched to a Berlin Street mercantile for a report of a person nodding off. Investigation revealed the male was waiting for a taxi and was not incapacitated.

A Berlin Street resident called and requested assistance with removing someone from their house. The person left prior to police responding and no further assistance was requested.

Someone lost their iPhone 6s on Berlin Street in a case with roses and butterflies.

A passenger of a vehicle threw a firework off of the vehicle on Gallison Hill Road, East Montpelier.

Someone reported a backpack stolen from Ballpark Drive.

State Street was closed for a protest and demonstration.

Someone reported a sexual assault on Bliss Road. This is under investigation.

June 6

Lyly Nails on Elm Street reported a male acting erratically. He was dancing and drinking with his pants down.

A person on Cummings Street reported her neighbors were talking about her.

A man was observed urinating behind a public building near Blanchard Lot. He was warned for urinating in public, which is a Montpelier ordinance violation.

June 5

There was a juvenile problem somewhere on Berlin Street.

A group of homeless people were asked to move from private property at Taylor Street.

Graffiti was found on the foot bridge behind the 60 State Street lot.

COVID-19 non-compliance was reported to police about a business on State Street not following state/city order regarding use of face masks at an open-to-public building.

June 4

A camper trailer was stopped by police for dragging a sewer pipe down the roadway on Elm Street.

Police were called regarding a suspicious vehicle and activity at Monsignor Crosby Avenue. Contact was made with vehicle occupants and no criminal activity was observed.

COVID-19 non-compliance was reported to the police station regarding a business employee not following COVID-19–related governor’s orders as it pertains to masks. Police contacted the business involved.

A dog was found wandering around the State House. Police contacted the owner and they were reunited with their dog.

There was a protest on sidewalks of State Street.

Someone reported an individual sleeping in the foyer of an apartment building on Main Street. The individual left prior to police arrival.

June 3

Police were called over a concern about bears being attracted to a group of peoples’ small fire on Gallison Hill Road in East Montpelier.

Police got a call by someone with a concern for a client utilizing Good Samaritan Haven services on Northfield Street.

A man waving a fire axe, yelling at, and threatening people was reportedly in the area of Barre Street and Gin Lane. Police did not locate the subject.

There was a report of marijuana use in public on Court Street.

Two teenagers on Shamrock Lane were reported for having some type of weapons. Police located the individuals and determined they were playing with airsoft guns.

A vehicle reportedly stolen from Barre Street was later located in Randolph.

A protest/demonstration occurred in front of the federal building on State Street.

A caller reported that while working on a building, they were threatened and harassed by a male with a stick, walking with a suitcase behind him on State Street

June 2

A person was found to be in possession of an open alcohol container on Prospect Street. The item was seized and discarded.

Police gave notice given against trespass upon an individual at the request of a Berlin Street mercantile.

Officers responded to burglar alarm activation at Montpelier High School. Turns out, a staff member set it off accidentally.

June 1

A man asked police to help him find a ride home. He eventually agreed to walk home.

A welfare check was conducted of a resident after their mother didn’t have normal daily contact with them.

Police responded to the area of 87 Elm Street for a report of fireworks and smoke bombs being set off.

Three men reportedly in a physical altercation near the rear of the State House at the State House Trail prompted a call to police.

Police were called to the State House Trail over a report of people drinking and yelling at people on the path behind the State House.

Police responded to a reported fight in progress on Main Street. Upon arrival, Police spoke with several witnesses who confirmed a verbal altercation had ensued, but the involved parties departed. No enforcement action was taken.

A burglary on Sherwood Drive is under investigation following a report of a break-in. It looked like items were rummaged through and damaged.

Graffiti was reported at the overpass on State Street.