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Langdon Street Loses Parking, Gains Outdoor Dining Space

Illustration shows changes to Langdon Street traffic flow. Courtesy of Montpelier DPW
Parking will soon be eliminated on a portion of Langdon Street to allow businesses to provide outdoor dining and possible retail expansion as a way to aid businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parking will be prohibited on both sides of the street from Onion River Outdoors to Elm Street and a temporary snow fence will block off the northern side of the street to allow dining tables for Langdon Street Tavern to occupy the sidewalk and street. The left (or south) side of the street will remain open for traffic on the one-way street. 

The Montpelier City Council approved the change at its June 24 meeting and it will take effect as soon as the Department of Public Works can install the fencing. The traffic change extends through October, city officials said. A total of 12 parking spaces will be affected.

According to a DPW proposal adopted by the Council:

“Traffic cones would begin at Onion River Sports (north side of street) and taper outward to reach the street’s midpoint at or about level with the start of the Langdon Street Tavern. (For traffic purposes, a gradual, angled start to the change in street width must occur.) This option not only complies with that safety requirement, [but also] the use of cones allows delivery vehicles to move the cones if necessary for unloading deliveries. Snow fencing with upright supports in traffic cones would be used to indicate the boundary between the seating area and the street, through to the end of the street.”

Other businesses along Langdon Street would be able to utilize the space as well, city officials said. 

Langdon Street Tavern has been offering curbside service throughout Gov. Phil Scott’s state of emergency and has little inside dining space to comply with the limit of 50 percent occupancy. Outdoor dining can equal 100 percent of a restaurant’s fire safety maximum occupancy. No bar seating is allowed in Vermont establishments.