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Another Lively Friday in Montpelier

Senate Candidate Theo Kennedy, right, handles a crowd of people waiting in line for a frosty treat Friday, June 26. Photo by Carla Occaso
Friday afternoon in Montpelier appeared to be bustling June 26. A blue sky with fluffy white clouds and temperatures in the low eighties apparently lured people to the streets. Most people wore masks as they scurried on errands to the post office or waited on line for services.

Chill Vermont Gelato on State Street, owned by Vermont Senate Candidate Theo Kennedy, attracted over a dozen customers, who waited their turns for a frosty treat handed to them by the candidate himself on a socially-distanced tray.

Chandler Cressey of Barre sets and sanitizes tables at Julio’s on State Street in Montpelier on June 26. Photo by Carla Occaso
Further down State Street, waiter Chandler Cressey of Barre carried out, set, and sanitized tables at Julio’s in anticipation of dinner guests. Asked what his title was, he responded, “just a waiter.” The Bridge said, you mean an “emergency response worker?” and he laughed, but affirmed he was a waiter. Other downtown restaurants, including J. Morgans, appeared to be setting up for a busy Friday along the flower-lined streets.

Many retail shops in downtown Montpelier were brimming with merchandise for sale and on sale. Photo by Carla Occaso
Montpelier’s many independent retail shops, including Capital Kitchen, Aro-Med, Salaam, and Cheshire Cat displayed items for sale and many ON sale. Some sales were as much as 50 percent off. People who are ready to don their masks and venture downtown won’t be faced with the “Temporarily Closed” signs , which were all over