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Heard on the Street

Photo by J. Gregory Gerdel.
Three Finalists for Montpelier Police Chief

The search for a replacement for retiring Police Chief Tony Facos is down to three finalists, city officials say. Interviews were concluded last week, and the list of those requiring further vetting will likely be pared to one or two, City Manage Bill Fraser said. A recommendation to the City Council is expected by June 1. Facos, who has been Montpelier’s top cop since 2007, will step down on June 30.

Rail Update

Construction of the new freight rail line by Vermont Rail Systems (VRS) is moving quickly. Last week saw the installation of a giant culvert near where the tracks will make a second crossing of the multi-use path. The tracks will also cross the path closer to town, at the intersection of Barre Street and Gin Lane.

Pedestrian access to the sections of the path will occasionally be closed as construction continues through May. Rail service along the new tracks is expected to commence in June, according to VRS.

Barr Hill bartender Chris now has an outdoor gig at the socially distanced drive up stand. Their latest product development, hand sanitizer, comes in small, clear plastic containers shaped like a bear.