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Hunger Mountain Co-op shoppers must wear masks

Photo courtesy of Hunger Mountain Co-op.
Beginning Monday, April 27, all Hunger Mountain Co-op shoppers must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while inside the store, HMC General Manager Kari Bradley announced Sunday. Shoppers who arrive without a covering will be offered a paper mask from the store’s limited supply, and those who refuse to comply will be refused service. Co-op employees and vendors are also required to wear masks, Bradley said.

“Face coverings are strongly recommended by the CDC and Vermont Department of Health,” Bradley said of the new requirement. “While not a substitute for maintaining six-foot distancing, regular hand-washing, and other safety measures, they provide a significant degree of added protection from the spread of COVID-19.” 

Masks are “considered particularly useful for protecting others if you are infected and don’t realize it,” Bradley continued. “Wearing a mask in public also provides a degree of psychological comfort to those around you during this time.”

Bradley encouraged shoppers to familiarize themselves with HMC’s Shopper Code of Conduct (posted below). 

“We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this requirement and our Shopper Code of Conduct,” Bradley said. “Together we can provide a safer shopping and working environment for all.”

Hunger Mountain Co-op Shopper Code of Conduct

– Do not come to the Co-op if you are symptomatic of COVID-19.

– Wear a face covering that covers both your nose and mouth.

– Reserve the first hour of business (9–10 am) for high-risk shoppers, which includes seniors and those with underlying health issues.

– Maintain a six-foot distance from others.

– Shop efficiently and socialize outdoors.

– Consider ways to minimize shopping trips for your neighbors and family.

– Shop solo, including without children, to the extent possible.

– Cover your cough/sneeze, wash hands, use sanitizer, and try to touch only the products you purchase.

– Use your credit card/debit card instead of cash whenever possible.