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Department of Fish and Wildlife Offers Outdoor Ideas During COVID-19

Photo by Tom Rogers.
While regular outdoor events are paused, Vt. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife encourages people to get outside and enjoy the state’s many natural resources. Below are some of their recommendations.

Spring bird migration is well underway and WMAs (Wildlife Management Areas) are open

In fact, thousands of waterfowl have flown through the Champlain Valley this week and congregated at Dead Creek WMA, Crown Point bridge, and Lemon Fair WMA. Among them were tundra swans, pintails, widgeons, black ducks, mallards, Canada geese, common mergansers, green-winged teal, buffleheads, goldeneyes, and blue-winged teal.

Pack your binoculars and explore a WMA near you. 

Fishing’s Never Far

It’s fun to fish in the early spring, and youth under 15 years old can go without a license! Fishing offers time in nature, entertainment, and challenges. Learn more about fishing in Vermont here and get started with the help of this family fishing planner. Post pictures of your adventure, your catch, and the food you made with it!

Learn Something New

Start your Hunter Education journey online – you’ll be ready when in-person classes start again.

Learn about how Vermont’s new baitfish regulations affect you.

Listen to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife podcast.

Read the 2020-2030 Big Game Management Plan.

Here Are 4 More Family Activity Ideas

1.    Spring is a great time to look for reptiles and amphibians as they emerge from winter hibernation. As you walk through the woods, look for pools of water, or listen for the calls of frogs as they wake up for the season. Make your own origami frog here.

2.    Look for the sights and sounds of eastern wild turkeys. Spring is a great time to hear the loud gobble of the male, tom turkey. Find out more about this amazing animal and how to search its signs here.

3.    What a great time for a bird hike! See the Bird Behavior Scavenger Hunt to help guide you on your adventures (visit one of the state’s WMAs linked above).

4.    Explore a wetland in spring, when they are teeming with life. Look for different plants and animals that are waking up! Use the Puddle Wonders datasheet or Wildlife Water Safari worksheets to help guide you on your journey.