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Central Vermont Council on Aging Thanks Volunteers

The Central Vermont Council on Aging (CVCA) released a statement Friday thanking volunteers who have assisted the organization during the COVID-19 shutdown.  

     “First, we appreciate the many new volunteer applications we have received for both RSVP (applicants 55+) and our Good Neighbor Volunteer Program for younger adults. Thank you for your compassion and your awareness of this urgent need and for responding,” Director of Volunteer Services Sarah Semler said. ”We are reminded every day as we look at these applications that the world is a good place with good people who want to be of service to others.” 

     Semler also expressed gratitude for CVCA’S existing RSVP and Good Neighbor Volunteer base for their continued assistance in serving older Vermonters in Central Vermont and their willingness to “serve under difficult conditions.”

     “And to those who have notified us that they would like to support older Vermonters in their neighborhoods, whether it is driving for Meals on Wheels or providing safe grocery delivery to older folks at home, we hear you and will do our best to mobilize and connect you with local groups and initiatives,” Semler said.

     “Thank you for your courage and conviction and for leaving behind what is familiar and comfortable to serve others. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge to improve lives and build better communities so that older Vermonters can continue to live independently.”

Central Vermont Council on Aging supports Central Vermonters to age with dignity and choice in 54 Vermont towns. If you need assistance, visit our website at www.cvcoa.org, call our Helpline at                         1-800-642-5119, or email us at info@cvcoa.org.  The CVCOA is located at 59 N. Main Street, Suite 200 in Barre with regional offices in Morrisville, Randolph, South Royalton, and Rochester.  The staff of CVCOA is currently working for you remotely or from our main office in compliance with CDC and Vermont Department of Health COVID-19 protocols.