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Writers for recovery

Hi, all. With many recovery centers closed and 12-step meetings shut down, writers for recovery will be offering resources and a place for people in recovery to connect. You can check out our facebook page by searching for @writersforrecovery in facebook search. You can find us on twitter at @writersrecovery. We’ll be posting writing prompts, links to online meetings and other recovery resources, and recovery news. Please do bring your own creativity to the mix. Respond to one of our prompts and post your writing. Post your art or music video. Leave a greeting for a friend. Offer some resources or encouragement. Let’s build a little recovery community online. Meanwhile, take good care.
Gary miller, online recovery resources from writers for recovery. Garygmiller@mac.Com

Free 30-Min Coaching Call to Cope with Unusual Stress

If you’re like me, someone who thrives on stability, certainty, routines and structure, or an empath or highly sensitive woman, your world has recently been flipped upside down. Not only that, the things that normally help you care for yourself and others —like exercise, spiritual practices, your social network, or even a healthy diet— have gone out the window. BUT, your most important tool is still alive and well: YOU. This is a time you want to be at your best. This is why my colleague and I, as coaches, are offering free 30-min phone sessions to remind you of your strengths and values, set new priorities and goals, and most importantly, cope with the unusual stress.
Email almacoachingusa@gmail.com or coachingpositivetransitions@gmail.com to schedule a call. Alex Hynes. ALEXANDRA_A_FR@YAHOO.FR

Licensed Mental Health Provider’s Now Use Telemedicine

In this past week, during this state of emergency, regulations have been modified allowing licensed mental health care providers to use telemedicine. This means we can use the phone, Skype, or FaceTime to provide our therapeutic sessions. Therefore, Medicaid, Medicare, BC/BS, MVP are all cooperating with this provision. So, regardless of your health insurance carrier, you have this benefit. I am currently using these method and grateful to be able to do so as the need is great. Please go to Psychologytoday.com for a description of my practice and those of many others available in the area and across the country.
If you know someone who could benefit from this support please share this information with others. In these unprecedented times of upheaval and change, we will all need to work together to support optimal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of our communities, all of them. Take good care of yourselves and each other. Diane Tetrault, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. GODIANEMT@GMAIL.COM

Counseling at Home

Telemedicine/telehealth can provide counseling in the privacy and comfort of your own home. If you are homebound or want to avoid unnecessary contact with potential carriers of coronavirus you can still receive counseling online through a confidential and secure site. If you already have a therapist or counselor, ask if they provide this service. Many insurance’s cover this, including Medicaid. All you need is a smartphone or computer with a camera.
You may contact me through this email or my profile in Psychology today. Peter Dietz Vitality Associates. Peter Dietz • psolindietz@gmail.com

Distance Counseling

You can receive counseling in the comfort and privacy of your own home through a confidential and secure site that’s both simple and easy to use. If you already have a therapist or counselor, you may request this service from them. Most insurance companies cover (and are rapidly expanding coverage for) telemedicine/telehealth services during the coronavirus public health emergency, including Medicare and Medicaid. All you need is a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer with a camera. BCBS has just announced they will reimburse for therapy via telephone for the next 60 days. Other insurance companies may follow.
You may contact me through this email or my profile on PsychologyToday.com. Kimberlee D. Johnson, LICSW KIMBERLEEJOHNSONLICSW@GMAIL.COM

Green Home Solutions Disinfection Services

Due to the large influx of phone calls and questions about our disinfection services we thought that we would answer some of our most commonly asked questions here.Yes, we are trained to come to your home, business, restaurant, or office and disinfect using a hospital grade disinfectant.
*Yes, we have products that can kill the Coronavirus.
*Yes, we have services that will continue to maintain good air quality after a full disinfection service.
.*Yes, we can treat schools and daycares.
*Yes, we can continue a scheduled maintenance plan.
*Yes, we can treat businesses in off hours to keep daily business interruption at a minimum.
We offer different levels of disinfection. Please see link below for more information.
If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-506-9819 or at ghsvt@greenhomesolutions.com. Thank you, Rob and Julie Brown
Green Home Solutions • ghsvt@greenhomesolutions.com

Community Meals

Follow this link for information on how kids & families can access nutritious meals (breakfast and lunch) beginning Thursday, 3/19 and through the duration of the school closure. NO APPLICATION IS REQUIRED but it would be helpful to fill out the anonymous survey link on the page to gauge how many meals to prepare. www.mrpsvt.org/covid19-food-service Meal pick ups will occur at Montpelier High School, from the side service entrance, from 11-12 Monday-Friday.
If you have any questions or concerns, email jamesbirmingham@mpsvt.org

Locally made Sanitizer

In light of recent developments in the community around the threat of corona virus and scarcity of access to sanitizing methods, we, two local herbalists, have began producing organic hand sanitizer according to the WHO (World Health Organization) standard protocol. Fifteen percent of what we produce will be donated to relief efforts for those at high risk in the local community. Two-ounce bottles are $12 each, and contain organic ethanol, organic glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and organic essential oils
.Please email for more details/to order. To avoid central locations, we are making home deliveries in Montpelier each day email: Katherine.J.Bowen@gmail.com

Delivery Services

You: Reliable, independent, own transportation. Shopping, Hello, I am 14 years old and hoping to make deliveries. These could be for groceries, hardware, or anything else you might need from downtown Montpelier. I am a avid runner and also have a bike. I would be happy to grab a shopping list and money, then come back with your receipt, items, and change.
If you are interested please email ezramtvt@gmail.com or text (802)461-8741. Thanks Ezra Merrill Triplett, Montpelier. Email: EZRAMTVT@GMAIL.COM

Home Health Aid Available to Help

During this time of crisis I would like to offer my help. I am a certified Home Health Aid and would like to offer help to anyone at high risk. I work Mon-Fri during the day, but can help in the late afternoon and evening hours. If you are a Vermonter at high risk and need some errands run please feel free to contact me. I have worked with the elderly, handicapped and those with compromised immune systems for many years. I would be happy to do food shopping, paying a bill for you or even helping you with picking up/dropping off FPF items. Send me a text, email or by calling me. Jenni Mason, Barre City
email • momrocks0206@gmail.com My cell is 978-398-2086.

Wine Delivery

Hello neighbors. On March 20th, Governor Scott amended his executive order to allow Vermont wineries to deliver wine. You can text your Name, address and wine order to 802-318-1520 and North Branch Vineyards will deliver wine directly to you. We know times are tough and we are giving a 10% discount on all wine purchases. We have Frontenac gris, LaCrescent, Miss Maeve (rose), Saint Croix and Frontenac (red). Now is the time to support local businesses. Thank you,
John McCann, North Branch Vineyards JMCCANNU32@GMAIL.COM

Free Help Working Remotely & Setting Up Ecommerce Stores

Hi neighbors. My name is Tom and I’ve been a software engineer for almost two decades. I’ve worked remotely since 2006 with all different sized teams and in ecommerce for the last ten years. If you need help getting your work setup remotely, getting a store setup online, or figuring out video conferencing with your coworkers or loved ones, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. Stay safe!

Recommending T and T Truck for Hire

I want to recommend Montpelier’s Tom Moore of T and T Truck for Hire. Now that I’m home with time on my hands, I went through my garage to collect all the trash and recycling I could find and had Tom come over and take it to the dump for me. Tom is helpful and reasonably priced, a great guy with a positive outlook who is trying to keep his business going. Tom has served our community for many years. It is vitally important to support local businesses during this time of crisis. Please consider giving Tom a call. He’ll help you out with anything that needs a truck, including very light moving and clean-outs. Or other indoor or outdoor jobs that follow the 6-foot distancing protocol.
He can be reached at 224-1360. Patty Wiley, PWiley3@gmail.com

Offering Online Piano Lessons

With schools and some workplaces closing for awhile, I would like to offer you or your loved one the opportunity to learn piano without leaving the comfort of your home! I am offering piano lessons completely ONLINE with a FREE 30-minute trial lesson! This lesson would help us get acquainted and situated with each other and the technology (your electronic device and your video-conferencing software). You would also need a piano or keyboard at home. As a licensed Vermont teacher, I bring over 15 years of music teaching, including one-on-one music teaching. I have been teaching online music students for the past two years.
For more information, please go to http://www.amypanetta.com/musiclessons or send me a message! Amy Panetta, Music Lessons • apanettamusic@yahoo.com. http://www.amypanetta.com/music lessons http://www.facebook.com/musicmentoring

QuaranTeen Virtual Science Cafes

Do you have a teen at home who loves science? 4-H is offering virtual teen science cafes starting next week and will continue each week while schools are closed. Join us at our virtual science cafe where you will meet scientists, learn about their work, and participate in informal discussions. So, sign up and learn some cool science!! Scott Lewins • scottlewins@yahoo.com • Main Street, Montpelier
Learn more at: www.UVM.edu/extension/youth/announcements

Seeking Items for Homeless

Even with the virus happening there are still people with unmet needs on the street. The Homelessness Task Force has developed a list of needs from people living in encampments from different parts of Washington County.
If you are in Montpelier have any of the following — list below — and want to donate please contact, by phone or text, Dawn Little (802) 595-9084 or Ken Russell (802) 503-5068. For folks in East Montpelier or Barre, contact Ericka Reil at (802) 839-9504. We will be happy to set up a pick up or delivery time, with careful handling, for the items. Thank you. Ken Russell. kennethgrussell@mac.com
Tick Repellent or lavender spray
Camping Pads
Warm Sleeping Pads
Batteries for Flashlights
Camp Stoves
Bleach Wipes
Band Aides
Disposable Gloves