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TMD Anne Watson: Work to Do

Anne Watson. Courtesy photo
Editor’s note: Anne Watson is running uncontested for Mayor.

It’s been my honor to serve the City of Montpelier for the past two years as Mayor, during which time we have accomplished some great things. We finished the transit center. We extended the shared-use path. We divested our investment portfolios from fossil fuels. We protected construction workers’ pay and benefits when they work on city projects. We pushed the Legislature to ban plastic bags. I say “we” in all of these statements, because it really did take a team of people working together.

I look forward to the next two years. We have more interesting possibilities to explore and work on. My guiding principle is financial, economic, and social sustainability. With that in mind, I’m looking forward to continuing to pursue our net-zero energy goal and re-examining our emergency preparedness plans, so that we can be ready for different types of crises. We’ll have conversations about our water system and how to prevent water main breaks. We’ll be looking at home energy information in the city and coming up with some plans as to how we can best encourage energy improvements.

Additionally, I would like to re-establish the Capital Area Neighborhoods as a means to communicate about city issues more readily with constituents and build community resilience if there is a crisis. As we get to know our neighbors, we may find ourselves exposed to new ideas or ways of thinking. That diversity and dialogue will make us stronger, and strong neighborhoods make strong cities.