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Mysterious Bandit Showers Montpelier with Love

On the morning of February 14, Montpelier woke up to find itself plastered with hundreds of hearts. Yet again the mysterious Valentine’s Day Bandit- or bandits- has adorned the city with hundreds of hearts, much to the joy of Montpelier’s residents.

Many of the windows on the city’s local businesses were covered in heaps of hearts. Some of these businesses included Blue Stone, VCIH, Aromed Essentials, TD Bank, Heney Realtors, and many other businesses in the Montpelier community.

In addition, many of this year’s artistic hearts were personalized with heartfelt and clever expressions of love and caring.

No one knows the identity of the elusive person- or group- that brings the paper hearts to Montpelier each year, but they are very appreciated. Hooray for the Valentine’s Day Bandit!