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A Letter from Community Harvest of Central Vermont to the Community

As we close out another year and decade, we are feeling grateful, optimistic, and motivated. Grateful for our volunteers and partners.

More than 400 dedicated volunteers enabled us to have a huge impact this year, donating more than 64,000 pounds of food to places where those with limited access to nutritious food can enjoy it.

We are optimistic about the impact we have when working together with our partners to bring nutritious food to our community.

Theresa Lever of Bethany Bowl, host of the Tuesday lunch in Montpelier said: “Bethany Bowl was able to serve over 100 meals a week with fresh produce and distribute produce to families every week since we teamed up with CHCV. It has made a huge impact on our budget and on the quality of food we are able to serve our guests!”

And our friends at the Family Center of Washington County are also feeling the positive impact. Elyse Gluck, their Food and Nutrition Manager, said: “I cook two times a day for up to 60 preschoolers and toddlers on a VERY limited budget and CHCV helps me stay in budget while still providing a vast array of locally grown products. They deliver food to our kitchen with a smile and always ask how they can provide a better service. CHCV is essential to the well-being of our program.”

And we are motivated to do more in 2020.

There is more local produce to glean and more neighbors with limited access to healthy, local food.

Please help us expand our vital work in 2020 by donating today. We are so appreciative of any support you can give!

May you and yours have a peaceful and bright new year,

The CHCV Team: Allison, Jolynda, and Patty