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Build a Better Bridge: Help Us Get Our New Website Up and Running

It takes more than a hack to get The Bridge down.

Since the attack and destruction of our website in June of 2019, we’ve been steadily working on a bigger and better one. Happily, it’s almost ready to be launched!

But we need your help in getting this monumental project across the finish line! A generous supporter has provided a $2,000 challenge donation to generate the additional $4,000 needed to finish the work.

This Go-Fund-Me campaign will raise money to meet that $2,000 match challenge, allowing us to complete development of the new website and post our vast archival materials.

To sustain and expand The Bridge community-building impact, the new website is imperative. People between the ages of 18 and 49 overwhelming use online sources for information and news (Pew Research Center 2016.)

The new website will ensure that we reach those who access news digitally and will serve those who don’t pick up the print copies or receive them in the mail.

The site is an essential part of engaging the entire community more fully and positioning The Bridge as the hyper-local information source for generations to come.

We are designing the new site in exciting new ways: to make digital access to the paper smooth and aesthetically pleasing; to make the site accessible on a cellphone or tablet; and to ensure the site integrates easily with social media.

The new site will also support improved quality of content through mixed media, especially graphics and video. Packaging and delivering information in more dynamic ways will more effectively engage and inform the community

We want to thank The National Life Group Foundation for helping kicking off our website redesign with a $4,000 grant. Without it, this important project would not have happened this year. And with the help our generous supporter and you, we can begin 2020 with a website that reflects serves our readers and global community.

By helping The Bridge complete this important upgrade, you’re supporting professional, grassroots journalism at its best. You’re standing with us to sustain and strengthen the role of local, free, and independent journalism in your community.

Thank you for your donation to our matching fund campaign! Together we can do it.

Please send your contribution via the envelope inside this issue or visit our Go Fund Me at gofundme.com/f/6vp32-bridge-to-the-future.