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WGDR Launches Annual Fundraising Campaign


WGDR is the soundtrack of social justice, environmentalism, multiculturalism, and responsible community action in Central Vermont. By being a listener, and contributing to this courageous broadcast, you become part of this transformative action.

WGDR gives voice to cultures of rigorous inquiry, collaboration, and life-long learning. When you invest in WGDR, you become a community educator.

WGDR is programmed by individuals who take imaginative and responsible action in the world through community radio—your community radio. Every dollar you give buys another day of these brave and creative productions.

Like many small public stations around the country, WGDR’s federal and licensee funding has now depleted. The station’s vitality is now in the hands of its listeners. Please join us on-air and online, between Monday, June 17, and Monday, June 24, as we campaign to raise $40,000 toward WGDR’s continuation. Give now securely at wgdr.org, or by sending your gift to WGDR, 123 Pitkin Rd. Plainfield, VT, 05667.

From all of us to all of you, thank you for listening and supporting WGDR, Goddard College Community Radio, serving Washington and Lamoille counties, and online around the world.

Text by Kris Gruen, director, WGDR, Goddard College Community Radio.