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Yes, They’re Adorable, but Try to Ignore Ivy-eating Goats

The city is bringing back goats to help eradicate poison ivy along the bike bath near Montpelier High

Photo by Tom Brown

School. However, the goat owners said the animals received a little too much love (and attention from dogs) to do their work last season. Pedestrians and dog walkers are urged to walk by quickly and avoid interaction.


Pocket Park Moves to Senior Center

The pocket park in the alley across from the fire station is moving to Barre Street this summer after no deal could be reached on a lease for the Main Street site. “We are delighted that the park has found a new home at the senior center and would like to sincerely thank Ward Joyce, Vermont Technical College, and National Life Group for their hard work and tireless support of the Pocket Park experiment,” property owner Jesse Jacobs said.


Discussion on the Effects of Climate Change on Vermont

Are winters becoming snowier? Are springs becoming wetter? Are summers becoming drier? Will rain come in more extreme events causing increased flooding? Will drought restrict our water usage in the summer? How will these extremes affect the City’s water supply, sewage treatment plant/storm water system, as well as agriculture in our region?  Meteorologist Roger Hill will lead the discussion from 6:30 to 8:30 pm Thursday, May 30, at the Unitarian Church.


Co-op Sets Member Forums on Bylaw Changes

Hunger Mountain Co-op is hosting a series of member forums to share and discuss draft revisions to the Co-op’s bylaws. The Co-op’s bylaws have not been updated in many years, and a committee made up of council members and member-owners has been working on possible changes since last summer. The forums are scheduled for 6–7 pm June 4; Noon–1 pm June 8; Noon–1 pm June 12, all at the Co-op. Email info@hungermountain.coop or call (802) 262-3202 for details.


Montpelier Charter Changes Held Up

With the 2019 legislative session about to close, it appears unlikely that any of Montpelier’s three proposed city charter changes will be approved. The three voter-approved changes submitted this session were to allow the city council to ban plastic bags and similar materials, allow non U.S. citizens to vote in municipal elections, and to allow the council to regulate energy efficiency in all buildings. All will likely have to wait until the second half of the biennium, which begins in January 2020.