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Local Coupons Available

The Buy Local coupon book sponsored by Local First Vermont is available at several Central Vermont retailers. The book costs $20 and offers more than $3,000 in discounts at Vermont businesses. It is available in Montpelier at Capitol Grounds, Capitol Stationers, Onion River Outdoors, Savoy Theater, and Woodbury Mountain Toys. Coupons are valid through August 31, 2019. Local First Vermont is a program of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.


Winner of Name the Path Contest Announced

The Complete Streets Group has awarded Jamie Granfield the winning prize for the Name the Path contest. The group selected the name “Siboinebi (see-bo-WEE-neh-bee) Path,” which is based on Granfield’s suggestion of “Sibobi Path.” The group worked in consultation with the Abenaki Tribal Council, and the meaning of “Siboinebi” in the Abenaki language is “river water.” The group proposes that this be the name of the shared-use path running along the Winooski River from Junction Road to Stone Cutters Way, with planned expansion to Gallison Hill Road in 2019.

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What’s in the Ceres Time Capsule?

While the outside of the new Ceres shines out to Vermonters today from the Capitol dome, the inside holds messages for Vermonters 100 years hence thanks to a time capsule. Among the contents are the pen used by Gov. Phil Scott to sign the Gun Safety (H.422, S.55, S.221) bill; a U.S.S. Vermont Challenge Coin; a U.S.S. Vermont sticker; a Tropical Storm Irene Challenge Coin; a Vermont Life magazine; a Rolling Stone magazine; a page from a racing magazine featuring Gov. Scott; a Quebec/Vermont flags pin; and a Vermont driver’s license with a mock-up of Ceres. A flash drive full of digital media is also included. This includes Scott’s U.S.S. Vermont speech; his gun speech transcript and video; gun legislation; Scott’s statement on demographics and the labor force; a State of the Lake report, Vermont Day at Fenway photos; and an 18-minute video by The Bridge ad representative Rick McMahan of the Ceres carving process entitled, The Statue on the Dome.