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Aubuchon Expands into Former Flower Shop

Aubuchon Hardware is expanding into the former flower shop space next door, a change that will increase the store’s footprint by about 15 percent, according to Aubuchon store manager Henry Witte. The new space, which will be used primarily for housewares and kitchenware, had been left vacant when Petals and Things moved farther up Main Street, Witte said.

Both the hardware store space and the former flower shop space are owned by Aubuchon Realty, a separate but affiliated company that recently sold the upstairs floors to Downstreet Housing for new affordable housing units. Witte said the hardware store lost about 200 hundred square feet in the back of its paint department for an elevator that will serve the housing units.

Business at the hardware store is “really good,” Witte said, and he noted that he looks forward to having occupied units upstairs. Two holes have already been created in the wall between the hardware store and the old flower store, and Witte said he hopes the store expansion will be completed by late spring “at the latest.”

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Group Plans to Build Pocket Neighborhoods in Montpelier

As an outgrowth of recent “downsizing” meetings and discussions, a group of local households has formed the Silver Maple Community with the goal of building two small planned communities, one intergenerational and the other for residents over 55 years of age.  The owner-occupied homes will be small, and the communities will be designed as “pocket neighborhoods,” with a central green as well as open space.

​There will be an informational meeting for those interested in this initiative, whether for themselves or others, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm on Thursday, November 15, at the Montpelier Senior Center on Barre Street.  Anyone unable to attend can email Silver Maple at silvermaplecommunity@gmail.com for a brochure.


Deer Hunting Season Runs Nov. 10‒25

Vermont’s regular deer-hunting season opens Saturday, November 10, and runs through Sunday, November 25. The state’s second archery season for deer will run December 1‒9.

In Montpelier, using a rifle within city limits is prohibited, according to Police Chief Tony Facos. However, hunters can use shotguns or bows and arrows to hunt within city limits. Crossbows are allowed for hunters 50 years or older. Montpelier requires that shotguns (and air rifles) not be discharged within 200 yards of any building or 100 yards of a road.

By state law, hunting is prohibited in any town on land that is posted. Posting land involves registering with the town clerk annually and posting approved signs at each corner of a property and at no less than 400-foot intervals along each boundary. State law also allows landowners to create safety zones where no shooting is allowed within 500 feet of their residences or other buildings. Approved safety zone signs must be posted at the corners of the safety zone and no more than 200 feet apart.


Rec Center Discussions Move Forward

The first of at least three public meetings was held on Thursday, October 25, on the feasibility of upgrading the  Barre Street Recreation Center or constructing a new recreational facility to serve the needs of the community.  The proposed model includes one or two indoor pools and, in partnership with the city, has been driven by the local citizens committee Jump and Splash.  Ken Ballard of Ballard*King & Associates, a firm out of Denver with extensive expertise on the subject, moderated the meeting and is also holding meetings with private interest and community focus groups.  There will also be a random survey conducted in the near future with an intended completion date for the study of late winter or early spring.  Central Vermont residents are invited to join in the conversation.