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Wellness Walk Invites Public to Alternative Health Fair


Compiled by Valentyn Smith

Corpse pose enthusiasts, Rising Scorpios, roasted dandelion tea, third-eye chakra stones, and tarot—all things healing and spiritual, or just holistic and curious, find their way to Montpelier’s first Wellness Walk to be held on Friday, September 28, 3-7 pm. The event paves the way for anyone to connect with the local natural health community and learn mindful practices through alternative medicine, exercise, philosophy, and other therapeutic support forms that have been improving lives globally for ages.

With more than 100 health and wellness businesses in Montpelier, Vermont’s capital city is recognized as a healing destination for people who value, and are in need of, diverse health and wellness options. The mind-body-spirit connection is being recognized as beneficial for people navigating health challenges—from overall well-being and stress management to injury and long-term illness.

Think of it as a chance to visit and chat with all those places and practitioners you’ve been curious about. The Wellness Walk is an opportunity to meet practitioners, ask questions, and learn more about alternative health and wellness options that can provide support for the entire being. In addition, keep an eye out for special discounts and package offers happening only at this event.

Services available at the 22 venues on the walk include exercise and movement (yoga, pilates, zumba, physical therapy); massage therapy and bodywork (oncology, orthopedic, relaxation, Ashiatsu, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release); holistic health care (concierge primary care, fertility and pregnancy support, nutritional counseling, Ayurvedic counseling, Gua Sha facials, health coaching); energy medicine (Reiki, Energy Genesis chamber); herbalism (herbal medicine, trainings); spiritual guidance (shamanism, astrology, medium/tarot/oracle readings, hand analysis); and healing products (body care, CBD, herbs, aromatherapy, supplements).

Those attending receive a “Wellness Passport” and will be entered into a drawing for gift certificates and products from participating Wellness Walk businesses. A Wellness Passport can be picked up at any of the participating businesses and includes details on how to enter. Attendees are invited to visit with the staffs of businesses they may be curious about to learn more about options through demos and individual conversations.

The walk is kid-friendly, and the cost of attendance is free. The event is a collaborative effort presented by the Vermont Wise Women Entrepreneurs and the participating businesses in the Montpelier Wellness Walk.