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The Morse Dream Lives on—Frigid Temperatures Be Damned

by Burr Morse
My father, Harry Morse Sr., the late Jack of all Vermont agri-tourism projects, is no doubt looking down from his heavenly perch with a satisfied grin. Yup, his lifetime wish was to add a ski center to Morse Farm and, voila, here in 2018, skiers are waxed up and raring to go.
This, added to the mix of folks from all over the world who find our Vermont farm destination in the other three seasons, completes Harry’s dream. And now with this year’s help from Mother Nature, winter, our most difficult season to fill in many ways, is indeed full! It is with huge pleasure that this old writer watches skiers gliding along from the comfort of my living room. But before they can schuss, they populate our ample parking lot with everything from roof-rack-clad Subarus to rusty pickups—frigid temperatures be damned—they’re here to accept nature’s gracious offering.
Winter recreationists, like the vehicles they drive, are a diverse bunch. Donning their gear, whether traditional skis, skate skis, or snowshoes, they head out toward our 25-kilometer hinterlands and in a flash, are on their way. Our trail system, designed by professional trail designer John Morton, provides a healthy mix of woods and open land. The woods offer winding downhills, curvy hairpins, and straightaways for all levels in all styles. Our open-land trails sweep through ledgy pastures and flat meadows with never a shortage of “mouths agape” views.
It’s all quite perfect, a giant “win-win” for all. In fact, skiers and snowshoers alike enjoy both fun and very healthy exercise, Morse Farm enjoys an active winter in every respect, and, best of all, Harry Morse’s dream lives on and on. Yup, he’s grinnin’ from ear to ear!
Ice Skates Twirl Again at the Vermont State House After much hemming and hawing, the ice rink is back at the Vermont statehouse. This year’s rink runs 40 X 80 feet and comes with six floodlights to illuminate both the rink and the land around it. Kudos may be directed to the Put a Rink On It committee, which is affiliated with Montpelier Alive, and the donations of many, including $5,000 from the National Life Group to cover initial costs. Further donations are required to meet the $12,500 budget and can be made via the “Rink at State Street” Facebook page.
Photo by Michael JermynTell