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Five Local Spa Treatments to Revive Your Spirit

by Sarah Davin

With these especially cold temperatures lately, it’s easy to succumb to the winter blues. The frigid air makes it unpleasant to go out, and with the smell of green grass and the sensation of sunshine feeling like a distant memory, it can be easy to give into the grayness and neglect our bodies. That makes it the perfect time to splurge on behalf of your body, mind, and spirit at the many quality Central Vermont spas, starting with these five unusual spa treatments.
Pumpkin Pedicure by Green Mountain Day Spa in East Montpelier
Green Mountain Day Spa’s Pumpkin Pedicure ($50, 60-75 minutes) uses pumpkin pulp and pumpkin seed oil, which dissolve dull, dead cells, to reveal healthy skin underneath. A blend of oils, butters, and pure cane sugar is then applied to soothe tired feet. The treatment also includes a soak, scrub, masque, and massage.
1528 Route 2, 793-0146, greenmountaindayspa.com
Cymatic Therapy by Lucid Path Wellness in Montpelier
Cymetic Therapy ($50, 30-40 minutes) stems from research done by British osteopath, PG Manners, in the 1940s. The concept is that healthy tissues and cells have specific bio signatures and certain sound frequencies can be used to restore resonance in unhealthy tissue. Lucid Path Wellness offers 12 different cymatic frequency sessions, and each 40-minute session has approximately 16 different tones. Cymatic therapy can treat a wide variety of ailments, ranging from arthritis to depression.
97 State Street, 225-6413, lucid path wellness.com
Chocolate Decadence Body Wrap by Do or Dye in Montpelier
Are you looking for a new way to enjoy chocolate? Do or Dye’s Chocolate Decadence Body Wrap ($70, 60 minutes) uses organic cocoa powder to reduce signs of aging and fight against sun damage. The treatment also uses other ingredients such as oats, coconut milk powder, agave, aloe and milk thistle to soothe the skin, relieve pain and itching, and alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis. Do Or Dye likes to pair this body wrap with its peppermint body butter, leaving the client smelling like a peppermint patty.
168 River Street, 229-4691, doordyesalon.com
Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment by Community Hyperbaric in Montpelier,VT:
Community Hyperbaric’s Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment ($90, initial visit, $75,60 minutes) is a unique treatment that uses pressure to treat over 80 different conditions. Per Community Hyperbaric’s website, “As oxygen is delivered through a facemask, the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is gradually increased to 1.3 ATA. You and a trained staff member remain in control of the process at all times.” In addition to having powerful anti-inflammatory properties, the treatment allows oxygen to more effectively penetrate the body’s tissues, promoting skin and muscle regeneration.
371 River Street, 613-3929, communityhyperbaric.com
Berry Silk Therapy by Sundara Day Spa in Berlin and Barre
Sundara Day Spa’s Berry Silk Therapy ($125) sounds like just the remedy for someone missing warmer days. This body treatment features warm towel compresses, wild berry body polish, and a strawberries and cream body masque. A relaxing head massage is included. All of this is finished with a wild berry silk and honey lotion. Surrounded by the smell of berries and wrapped in warm towels, the winter outside would certainly feel miles away.
672 Route 302, 476-4476, sundaradayspa.com