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EDITORIAL: State Street Saturday All-Day Wing Ding

Photo by John Snell

by Nat Frothingham

After moving the popular Capital City Farmers Market up onto State Street from State & Main to Elm Street) for two Saturdays in a row — State Street Saturday organizers are saying — “We’re ready for the big event.”

That big event on Oct. 9 is the Capital City  Farmers Market as usual but now on State Street — to begin at 9 a.m. and continue as usual until 1 p.m.

Then an Arts Fair will follow the Farmers Market on State Street from 1 to 7 p.m. with artists and artist demonstrations from T.W. Wood Art Gallery, Montpelier’s Art Resource Association and Studio Place Arts in Barre.  And with these music notables: Jon Gailmor, Patti Casey, Ron Sweet and the local jazz group Dov Schiller & Friends.

The Arts Fair is being organized by the Sustainable Montpelier Coalition to promote the idea of a walkable downtown, to change the conversation to “What do  we want to do with the riverfront? And, “How can we be less dependent on imported food and more reliant on local resources?

On the first Saturday of October – what could be more logical than Montpelier’s dynamic farmers market – fresh food, local food, keeping local dollars in the local economy, putting agricultural land to work and providing work for Vermonters and entrepreneurs in land–based and land-derived pursuits.

As the organizers of State Street Saturdays and the Arts Fair suggest: walk downtown, ride a bike, bring a chair, enjoy a meal, a drink, the pleasure of friends and imagine what an even more bike-friendly, walking friendly Montpelier could look like and become.